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BAMBOO 6 released !

OnyxBAMBOO is a dedicated procedural creator and modeler of 3D bamboo plants. It creates and models a single bamboo, many bamboos planted on a defined area, and continuous bamboo growth over time. The modeler comes with BAMBOO Library of premodeled plants ready to use or edit.

Key features of OnyxBAMBOO modeler

  • Creates 3D biologically faithful bamboo
  • Creates bamboo populated areas or so called 'groves'
  • Continuous growth of bamboo
  • Save 3D model as ONX, 3DS, C4D, DXF, FAC, LWO, OBJ
  • Polygon count optimization
  • Exports numbered growth sequences
  • Comes with OnyxBAMBOO Library
  • Exquisite user interface
  • Argemi's movie movie

    Creates 3D biologically faithful bamboo

    As you can see from the image below, the fidelity of this bamboo grove is stunning. No texture maps were applied to the plant. It was just brought into the lit scene and rendered. Rendered in Max.

    From attention to detail to photorealism

    'The bamboo shadows are sweeping the stairs, but no dust is stirred.'

    Unknown Zen author

    Grove designer Creates bamboo groves too

    Bamboo grows in families and can spread over wide areas of land. The area of land inhabited by a single bamboo species is called a bamboo grove. OnyxBAMBOO enables you to create, model, and export such a grove so that you do not need to export individual bamboos and assemble the grove on your scene manually which would be extremely time consuming and awkward task indeed. To create a bamboo grove, you only need to specify the area and growth habit [A] of the chosen bamboo and BAMBOO will create the bamboo grove for you [B].

    Polygon count optimizer

    Prior to exporting a bamboo from OnyxBAMBOO, you can set the complexity of 3D model by adjusting the detail and resolution of different bamboo elements. Or, if you wish to minimize the polygon count non selectively, just press Minimize button and BAMBOO will make all necessary adjustments automatically. By providing the means for doing that, BAMBOO gives you freedom in making and exercising your own decisions about the polygon size of a given bamboo that will best serve the requirements of your scene.

    3D bamboo export

    OnyxBAMBOO exports individual bamboos and bamboo groves at specified age in six most popular 3D file formats. Those are: 3DS with UVs and sub-materials; C4D with colors, UVs, and sub-objects; DXF with colors and layers, FACT with color-per-vertex coordinates, UVs, and sub-objects, LWO with color-per-vertex coordinates, UVs, and surfaces; OBJ with colors, UVs, and sub-objects.

    Comprehensive 3d export

    Exports growth sequences

    As previously mentioned, OnyxBAMBOO creates bamboos and bamboo groves at different stages of growth. Hence it can generate a growth sequence at time intervals specified by the user. Such a sequence can be exported as a series of 3D files and imported into a renderer for growth animation purposes.

    Continuous bamboo growth !

    Bamboo chusquea growth

    BAMBOO Library

    OnyxBAMBOO comes with BAMBOO Library - a collection of already created bamboos ready to use, modify, and expand upon. The user will find there from the most popular Bambusa dolichomerithalla - Blowpipe Bamboo, over ground cover Sasella ramosa - Bamboo Grass, to exotic and gorgeous Chusquea lehmannii - Lehmann Bamboo.

    Bambusa d. Bambusa h. Bambusa l. Bambusa m. Bambusa o.
    Chusquea l. Dendro. c. Dendro. c. Gigant. a. Pl. pumilus
    Sassaella r. Otatea a. Phyllostac. Phyllostac. Phyllostac.
    Phyllostac. Schizostac. Schizostac. Pl. fortunei Schizostac.

    Exquisite user interface

    In all your bamboo modeling endeavors, OnyxBAMBOO will give you pretty smooth ride because of its well thought out user interface. We have set very high standards on how well the interface has to blend with the modeling process so that it makes it easy and effective.

    Win System Requirements

    • PC with Intel, AMD or compatible microprocessor
    • MS Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP operating system

    Mac System Requirements
    • IntelMac with Parallels, Fusion VM, or Boot Camp with 10, 8, 7, or XP operating system

    OnyxBAMBOO Software Package
    • Download a zip file containing OnyxBAMBOO application, plant libraries, manual, and auxiliary files.

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