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PALM 6 released ! OnyxPALM is a dedicated procedural creator and modeler of 3D palm trees and associated plants. Besides 3D, it exports lit single polygon panel palms with shadow. The modeler comes with extensive PALM Library with over 50 of ready-to-use presets of palms and other plants.

Key features of OnyxPALM modeler

  • Intuitive and fast parametric modeling
  • OnyxPALM Library included
  • Save 3D model as ONX, 3DS, C4D, DXF, FAC, LWO, OBJ
  • Wind sequence export
  • Render with light and shadow
  • Hi-res export with alpha channel and one polygon panel
  • Chain-saw pruning, trunk shapes, curvatures, textures...
  • Leaf shapes...
  • Exquisite user interface
  • Bec Yucca movie movie

    This premier dedicated, knowledge-based, parametric modeler builds plants for you. The process of a tree creation and its 3D model generation is extremely fast and robust. It is capable to create infinite variety of highly photorealistic and biologically faithful trees that will grossly enhance the quality of your renderings.

    3D model export

    OnyxPALM exports 3D trees in six most popular 3D file formats. Those are: 3DS for Max/Viz with UVs and sub-materials; native C4D with colors, UVs, and sub-objects; DXF with colors and layers, FACT with color-per-vertex coordinates, UVs, and sub-objects, new LWO with color-per-vertex coordinates, UVs, and surfaces; OBJ for Maya with colors, UVs, and sub-objects. In addition, you can save lassoed part of the tree. Also, prior to export you can adjust the polygon count !

    Comprehensive 3D export


    This is a new feature of version 6. If you wish to blow wind on the tree, set the wind parameters to the desired values and the smart algorithms will calculate and model all the deformations on the basis of physical properties of the wind and the tree, and the interaction forces between them, without any extra effort on users part. Shown below is Wind Time Line bar and below that images of young Salix babylonica affected by light breeze, moderate breeze, and moderate gale, respectively.

    Wind settings

    Wind time line

    Light breeze Strong breeze Storm

    Wind affected 3d model sequence export

    This feature has been developed for the users of Lightwave, Cinema4D, Modo, Maya, etc. From now on, you can generate sequence of 3d models of a tree under wind, and import them into their software, render it, and create beautiful animation of palms. OnyxPALM saves tree models as sequences of LWO, C4D, OBJ, 3DS, DXF, FAC, or ONX files, with the desired naming format. In addition, frame-to-frame model polygon count is constant. This feature is available only in Windows version of OnyxPALM.

    Sequence Export

    Render with light

    This is truly one of a kind feature. Load any tree, enable the sun light, choose, for example, the late afternoon sun preset, and press the render button. The tree lit by the late afternoon sun appears on the canvas in seconds. You can either choose one of light presets or custom adjust light parameters to a variety of other light conditions. And, no matter how many polygons it has, the chosen tree will ALWAYS be rendered - virtually no RAM requirement.

    Shadow casting

    As seen on above and below images, just press the shadow button and a chosen palm casts its shadow onto the horizontal surface according to the preset light and shadow conditions. You can save that image as a TGA file with an alpha channel. An ideal feature for post processing and photo compositing.

    PANEL Hi-res image export

    You can save the rendered image of a tree as a BMP file (Win version), PICT (Mac version) and TGA file. The image size and resolution are adjustable and can be up to 30,000 pixels in either direction. You can set the background color by choosing among the predefined background colors or by custom picking the color. When saving as TGA file, you have options to do it with alpha channel and antialiasing.

    Any viewpoint 2D panel export

    When exporting a tree image as a Targa (TGA) file, you can complement it with a single polygon "panel" or "billboard" which will assure a perfect texture-mapping of the image to the polygon. This is an extremely useful feature for those customers who want to use one polygon "panel" or "billboard" trees instead of full 3D models in their scenes. It is a great polygon saver.

    Front view Top view

    OnyxPALM Library included

    OnyxPALM comes with a rich collection of already created palm trees, and other plants, generated by PALM modeler. They are ready to use, modify, and expand upon. The user will find there from the most popular Cocos nucifera - Coconut Palm, over beautiful Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm, and exotic Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Bottle Palm, to tall Phoenix sylvestris - India Date Palm, and many other species, including wide leaf grass. All-in-all more than 50 plants !

    Areca t. Arenga p. Brahea e. Brahea e. Butia c.
    Normanbya n. Phoenix c. Phoenix s. Phoenix s. Pseudophoenix
    Pinger p. Grassy p. Cocos n. Grassy p. Mimic p.
    Viny p. Acoelorrhaphe Hyophorbe Archontoph. Areca c.
    Jubaea c. Licuala p. Licuala r. Livistona c. Metroxylon
    Butia e. Roystonea r. Sabal p. Cyrtostachys Dictyosperma
    and 21 more...
    Elaeis o. Eugeissona u. Howea f. Washingtonia

    Exquisite user interface

    In all your palm modeling endeavors, OnyxPALM will give you pretty smooth ride because of its well thought out user interface. We have set very high standards on how well the interface has to blend with the modeling process so that it makes it easy and effective.

    Win System Requirements

    • PC with Intel, AMD or compatible microprocessor
    • MS Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP operating system

    Mac System Requirements
    • IntelMac with Parallels, Fusion VM, or Boot Camp with MS Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP operating system

    OnyxPALM Software Package
    • Download a zip file containing OnyxPALM application, plant libraries, manual, and auxiliary files.

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