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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Thanks for such a cool program. This is by far the easiest and best way to make trees for SketchUp that are low poly but render beautifully.
Matthev V., architectural visualizer, USA

I've tested a few plant generators in the past, but I think Onyx's software is really the best and most user-friendly.
Thomas S., graphic designer, Germany

Please allow me to start off this mail by telling you how impressed I am with the OnyxTREE CONIFER application. Having used a variety of other tree generation applications in the past, I can safely say that yours is capable of the most realistic looking trees. I'm very pleased with my purchase and suspect to be adding 'BROADLEAF' soon.
Danny G., CG-artist, Netherlands

Hi, my name is Adriano, (sorry my english) and I bought the OnyxBAMBOO for my first experience with your product. I was amazed with the facility and result. Thank you very much for your competence. God Bless you.
Adriano S., architect, Brazil

Thanks so much for your help getting the software a few nights ago. Incredible customer service and a huge time saver. I can't say enough about the OnyxGARDEN Suite, I think it's fantastic!
Dan H., arch. visualizer, USA

Just wanted to say that I am very happy with OnyxGARDEN SuperBundle. Fast render times and stabile workflow with Vray + Max. Great!
Helge L., architect, Norway

Great program - only been using it for a few minutes and it seems very intuitive and straightforward. I have spent a lot of my time looking at trees and the representations are excellent!
John F., trees expert, UK

After installing OnyxTREE STORM and playing with it in just a matter of minutes, I must say...WOW!!! Great work!
Lars G., digital illustrator, USA

I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful product!
Maria J., artist, Germany

Thanks so much for your work on tree storm. I have a few tree generators and find yours the most production ready. Its integration with MAX is excellent and I'm using it for my matte paintings in the upcoming feature movie.
Glenn M., animator, Australia

This is some fine software you have developed. It runs flawlessly on my G5 Mac and greatly improves the look and feel of the perspectives that I create in ArchiCAD with my designs.
Ted M., architect, USA

Your program is fantastic !!!
Harry H., CG designer, Germany

Thank you for producing such a fantastic product. It is incredible what TREE STORM does!
Ronald V.P., 3d designer, USA

I am registered user of your outstanding suite software. I really love it and i use it as much as i can, because the vegetation looks so real. I couldnt have done my projects without your software. Thank you!
Wolfgang M., architect, Germany

Fabulous product! I love using it.
Matthew P., 3d animator, USA

Superb product!
Fernando B.V., architect, Brazil

Very cool software. I had a deadline this morning and wanted to use some good looking trees in the Photoshop front elevation rendering. I was able to generate the tga images with the correct lighting almost immediately. In fact, I ended up generating more than I needed.
Josephus H., architect, USA

OnyxGARDEN Suite is the most accurate tree modeling program on the market!
Mike S., 3d artist, UK

Firstly, I have to tell you that your software is brilliant in its simplicity for the end user which saves valuable time in my visualisation practice and secondly and most importantly it works! It really works, no fuss, no bother, no problems. In fact as soon as it was installed the software was put straight to work on a project with the result being a major improvement to image quality and realism. The clients were ecstatic with the result as well. Clearly, the superbundle with treestorm plugin are a must have for any 3d artist.
Adrian F., 3d artist, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for making my life easier. It is a BLAST using your software. In the 2 days since receiving OnyxGARDEN Suite i've created several realistic, beautiful trees and bushes. I used to use Xxxxx software but never again. Your product is head and shoulders above anything i've tried and i've tried them all. If all software was as intuitive as yours i'd be in heaven. You people are geniuses!!
David J., 3d artist, USA
First of all, thanks again for such a killer program. I own just about all the graphics proqrams as well as plugins for Max there are out there and I've yet to come across anything that's given me greater pleasure. Funny, I even appreciate *real* trees more after playing with OnyxGARDEN Suite and Tree Storm -- driving around looking at all the fal1 colors fills me with love for their beauty that I never realized until I saw your prograrn making those same images on my screen!
Mike K., 3d artist, USA

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